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Moxa Remote Connect (MRC) Quick Link Solution

Remote access to PLCs, HMIs, and automation networks can help you reduce onsite visits, improve services, and increase operational efficiency while saving time and costs. Our Moxa Remote Connect (MRC) solution and MRC Quick Link Service open up a new world of security, ease of use, and flexibility for your secure remote access.

The MRC secure remote access solution provides strong data encryption and secure tunneling between your local and remote systems. There is no need to perform complex VPN/firewall configurations, which allows you to add remote connections more confidently and flexibly.

Our MRC (Moxa Remote Connect) Quick Link solution offers:
- 5 years of free access to an MRC Server
- 5 concurrent online nodes
- 5 GB data per month

The Simple Set Up: Three MRC Quick Link Elements


Remote Access Gateway

Simple Connectivity & Installation:
- Plug-and-play simplicity
- Industrial reliability hardware


Cloud-based Server Software

(Moxa Hosted) Quick Link Cloud-basedServer:
- Secure Connectivity
- Zero Server Maintenance
- Hosed on Local Region AWS


Remote Access Client Software

(Free Download) Quick Link ClientSoftware:
- System Logs
- Diagnostics capability

Why use Moxa Remote Connect solution?

Moxa-Hosted MRC Quick Link

Leading Competitor

Annual Cost



Hardware Warranty

5 years

3 years

Hosted Platform

Public Cloud

Private Cloud (AWS option)




Server License Fee & Duration Time

Free of Charge | 5 Years

Per year

Online Concurrent Nodes Support


3 ($399 each additional/Free 1)

Server Platform Data Rate Support

5GB per month

6GB per month

Advanced Access Control


Yes (Not with Free version)

Numbers of Gateway support



Client Software Fee

Free | Unlimited

Free | Unlimited

Numbers of Client support



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