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Energy Storage

Global energy networks are undergoing a revolutionary transformation, aiming to harness an astonishing 98% of newly generated power from renewable sources. This paradigm shift underscores the importance of megawatt-level battery energy storage systems (BESSs) that can quickly respond to enhance grid reliability and stability, manage renewable energy fluctuations, reduce curtailments, and generate additional revenue streams. These systems reshape energy use by balancing energy supply and demand, stabilizing grids, preventing renewable energy waste, and encouraging innovation.For more information, please visit the BESS portal.

Why Neteon


Cutting Hidden Costs

Our products undergo rigorous testing to meet industry demands for harsh environments.


Speeding Up Project Turnaround

We offer services worldwide, expertise in power communications, and tailored solutions.


Enabling Hassle-free Networking

We enable secure networks with smart monitoring tools for quick responses and managing multiple communications devices remotely.


Guaranteeing a Sustained Supply and Service

With a steadfast global presence, we assure long-term supply across 100+ countries, supporting a 20-year BESS life cycle.

Renewable Energy

Moxa’s Industrial IoT solution enables smart generation and distribution of renewable energy from solar and wind sources. We provide an integrated data-acquisition and device-monitoring solution to efficiently manage remote power assets distributed across multiple field locations. With our solution, you can easily deploy and manage your distributed field devices and integrate them with services and applications in the local SCADA or in the cloud.

Why Neteon

Reliable operation in wide temperature outdoor environments

Simplify maintenance using remote configuration of devices and software and remote troubleshooting functions

Ready-to-run software solution for Modbus data acquisition, remote device management, and Modbus-to-MQTT protocol conversion

Critical Power

Critical power management solutions must ensure a reliable power supply to essential power loads where no power shortages can be tolerated. Moxa offers high-availability facilities management solutions to ensure uninterrupted power supply and services. Devices—such as automatic transfer switches (ATS), meters, circuit breakers, and UPS controllers—control and monitor the power systems to ensure uninterrupted power generation and distribution while optimizing the energy loads in the system.

Why Neteon

Supports protocol conversion to deliver a unified interface for data acquisition, such as data conversion from Modbus RTU to Modbus TCP, from I/O to SNMP, and from serial to Ethernet

Devices that can withstand harsh operating environments with industrial-grade features that include EMC, wide-temperature operability, and millisecond-level network recovery

Substation Automation

Moxa provides state-of-the-art solutions for substation automation and feeder automation applications for both public utilities and enterprises. Our rich experience in this industry, coupled with our innovative work on the latest technologies, enables us to develop market-specific solutions for computing and communication applications in this domain.

Why Neteon

Industry’s first fully integrated IEC 61850 MMS (manufacturing messaging specification) solution consisting of Ethernet switches, device servers, and embedded computers

Proactive monitoring of network behavior and component status for preventive maintenance

End-to-end PRP/HSR solutions for substation communication and substation computing

IEC 61850, IEEE 1588, and PRP/HSR compliant solutions

Industry Certifications

Case Studies


Floating PV Expands Renewable Energy Generation Options

GreenPowerMonitor (GPM) has partnered with Moxa to develop an integrated solution to efficiently operate and maintain floating solar PV farms.

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PEA and Moxa Power Up Economic Growth for a Smart City in Thailand

PEA supports the "Energy 4.0" platform for Thailand’s government. PEA partnered with Italthai Engineering and Moxa, an expert for critical networks used by IEC 61850-based substation automation systems.

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Data Centers Built for Tomorrow

Data centers benefit from digitalization. Macquarie Data Centres adopted a flexible expansion approach and partnered with Moxa and Summit Automation to create a well-interconnected system.

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Energy Management at Your Doorsteps

Do you want to know how a scalable IIoT architecture enables PV energy trading between households? Join our webinar for more insights.

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