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Long-range and wide-area applications are no longer restricted by distance and speed constraints. Network devices built using the LTE standard can support the high bandwidth and speed needed for large-scale long-distance network applications, such as intelligent transportation systems (ITS), power distribution, and water treatment and distribution systems.

LTE gateways deliver reliable connectivity in harsh environments for 24/7 wireless operations to meet the diverse needs of your large-scale network applications.




Check out this short video (2:46) about the benefits of using Moxa SDS-3008 in a real-world industrial application:


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Moxa’s new NPort IAW5105A (1-Port) and NPort IAW5205A (2-Port) conveniently integrates a serial device server, a Wi-Fi client, and DI and DO into a single compact device that is ideal for limited-space applications. What this solution means for you is that it makes everything from commissioning to troubleshooting painless.


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  • Smart redundancy and network traffic control using existing RSTP and VLAN
  • 1 page configuration dashboard make it extremely easy to configure
  1. To connect Modbus RTU serial devices to an Ethernet network, do I need a specific protocol conversion gateway?
  2. If I have more than one Modbus RTU device connected to different serial ports on a gateway, how do I plan the TCP connection architecture?
  3. How do I use a gateway to allow multiple SCADA hosts to access the same Modbus RTU devices simultaneously?


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Moxa SDS-3008 Industrial SwitchRemote Access over LTE


Connection Reliability

LTE gateways are designed to provide continuous connectivity. The dual-SIM cellular operator backup provides automatic switchover when one of the links goes down. Dual power inputs ensure power redundancy and connection reliability. In addition, GuaranLink technology implements a 4-tier connection check method that makes continuous connectivity a reality.


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Check out this short video (2:46) about the benefits of using Moxa SDS-3008 in a real-world industrial application:



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